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How to become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) ?

Adobe certified expert (ACE)

Why be Adobe Certified Expert?

Being ACE means that you are on your way to doing great things, and one great thing you can do right away is to take your ACE certifications to the next level with an ACE Specialist certificate.  It is a valuable addition to your portfolio.

There are various reasons you would like to become Adobe Target Certified. You may like to explore your skills with other people. Your colleague might insist on it or suggest it'll help you get a promotion and an official 'Adobe Certified badge' on your profile.

However, becoming Adobe Certified isn't that much tough for you if you are pursuing skill in respective Adobe products.

What does Adobe Certification Exam involve?

To become an Adobe Certified Expert, let's say Adobe Target, you need to clear an exam which includes a list of Multiple Choice Questions based on different types of decision making situations in business practice and how you give solutions to a particular situation. It also includes questions about different options and functionalities available in Adobe Target.

For Example,


Mr. Singh has set up an A/B test for users who are not part of any other test within the same domain. In which part of the audience section can you create this segment?


  1. Custom
  2. Visitor Profile
  3. Audience Exclusion
  4. User Profile

How do I book an Adobe Certification exam?

To schedule a test you’ll need to create an Adobe ID if you don’t already have one; you can create one here.

  • Visit Adobe Certification Exam Website
  • Scroll through options and select Product/Exam type.
  • Then select the Role, Type(i.e all, certification, re-certification) and Language
  • Click on the blue button (Schedule an exam).
  • You’ll be given the option of taking the test at a physical test center or taking the test online. If you choose the former, you just enter your address and will be presented with the nearest test centers and a list of available dates and times. If you opt for the latter, the website will check that your system is compatible, so it helps if you apply on the device that you’ll be using to take the test.

Cost for Adobe Target Certification exam

At present, Adobe Target Certification exam costs $180. 

According to the new update in Adobe Target's certification exam rules, you need to renew your certificate every TWO years.

Some helpful documents to prepare for Adobe Target Certification Exam.

Adobe Target Welcome Kit
Adobe Target Activity types
Adobe Certified Expert Exam Guide

How and when I'll get an Adobe Certification exam result?

adobe target results

Computer-based examinations allow for immediate scoring. Once you complete your exam, you will be presented with a results screen that indicates your final score and a pass/fails status. Your results will be posted and available in your Certiport transcript.

If you took a beta, you will only see an initial score upon completion of your examination and not a pass/fail status. You will typically receive your final score and pass/fail status six to eight weeks after the beta period ends. If you have a passing score at that time, you will receive the certification congratulations email. Your final results will also be posted in your Certiport transcript.

Best Of Luck !!

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