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Adobe Sensei : Future of Customer experience with AI and Machine Learning

Adobe sensei
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Adobe Sensei: One of the best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features for Customer Experience in today's date!

Adobe Sensei’s powerful Artificial intelligent services are capable of tackling today’s complex experience challenges such as image matching across millions of images, analyzing different forms of data, understanding the meaning and sentiment of documents and adequately targeting desired audience segments influencing Machine learning, Deep learning, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

The launch of Adobe Sensei was made on Wednesday at the Adobe MAX 2016, the world’s leading creativity conference.

After A/B testing lead scoring performance with leading lead scoring vendor in the market, Adobe perceived that leads recommended by Adobe Sensei were 73% more likely to convert to opportunities.

How Adobe Sensei is helpful in making customer personalization and experience more accurate and effective?

It's a pretty obvious thing that Artificial Intelligence is very useful in a wide variety of decision-making situations which helps marketers and customer experience professionals in discovering and using the volume of data coming from various sources and channels.

The most important and exciting thing Adobe sensei brought to Adobe Analytics is the ability to not only help marketers understand what has happened in past, and what was the reason for it but also gives them comprehensions into what are possibilities that may happen and where can we improve the future experience

Adobe Sensei is uniquely focused on solving today’s complex experience challenges in the design, document and marketing fields, where only Adobe has decades of expertise and market leadership. Leveraging our machine learning and AI capabilities, as well as trillions of content and data assets, Adobe Sensei will be one of our biggest strategic investments. We’re excited to open it up to our broader ecosystem of partners, ISVs and developers to enable even more innovation.

- Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, Adobe

Your Adobe Analytics Virtual Analyst continuously analyzes data and uses predictive algorithms and machine learning to deliver personalized alerts and insights into unknown anomalies impacting your business with the highest accuracy percent.

We have more of a Harry Potter view of the world on machine learning where it is slightly more magical - easier and faster with a sense of wonder,

- Tatiana Mejia, Head of Product Marketing & Strategy for Adobe Sensei.

Apart from analytics Adobe Sensei powers dozens of features across Adobe products Like Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Document cloud

In Adobe Creative Cloud,
An increase in a number of customers on different channels means there’s a high demand for delivering content faster, the AI of Adobe Sensei helps you go from concept to completion faster, whether it’s finding the right image, creating the perfect composite, or editing video transitions.
It gives you the facility of Fast search, Timesaving creation, and Amazing effects.

In Adobe Experience Cloud,
Customers’ wants and needs evolve quickly. In Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Sensei’s machine learning masticates the numbers, helps you see how your customers behave, uses those insights to serve relevant and personalized experiences, and predicts what they’ll want next. You’ll discover new look-alike audiences to approach and use predictive modeling to help you make better decisions.

New enhancements to the Adobe Cloud Platform extend the functionality of Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Adobe's new Experience Cloud so that enterprises can more easily deliver compelling experiences at scale. Innovation in Adobe Sensei, our AI, machine learning and deep learning framework, dramatically accelerates and improves the design and delivery of experiences across any customer touch point.

said Abhay Parasnis, executive vice president and CTO, Adobe. 

source - Twitter

In Adobe Document Cloud,
Imagine documents and forms that are easier for you to manage and for your customers to use. Within Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Sensei transforms paper into editable digital documents, automates the use of the right fonts, creates form fields, and cleans up signatures.
It provides facilities like Quick Form Filling, Clean Documents, and Boundaries, etc.

Apart from this, Adobe is working on something called Prescriptions which will offer recommended actions to take based on the analysis it performs on the data and the insights it surfaces.

According to Adobe,
Our vision moving forward is that the AI will not only surface signals that you didn’t ask for, but will also prescribe for you the specific actions to take. We are well on the path to realize this in the future, and have lots of research happening now. No one in the market is anywhere close to solving for this. It is a big challenge.

Introduction to Adobe Sensei

Services provided by adobe sensei in respective Adobe platforms

Creative Intelligence

Adobe Sensei powers intelligent features in Adobe Creative Cloud, enabling creatives to work faster, with fewer distractions and a greater breadth of creative expression.

Experience Intelligence
Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Adobe Sensei allows marketers to discover meaning in data and create more effective experiences using Adobe Document Cloud.

Content Intelligence
Adobe's deep experience in creating, publishing, transforming, and managing content and documents allows Adobe Sensei to understand the structure and meaning of documents. Adobe Document Cloud features make this understanding available to everyone.

Adobe Sensei Demo walkthrough

Adobe Sensei is truly a future of marketing with advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!


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